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Subject New Product : A novel 755nm Diode Laser for Hair Removal
Date 2016-10-18

We, Mediable Co., Ltd., have launched a novel 755nm diode laser for hair removal called "GENESIS XT 755"..
In general, 755nm is well known as the effective wavelength for hair removal and Alexandrite is known as a representative medium of 755nm. Though Alexandrite laser is effective for even fine and light hair removal, its price is quite expensive. Unlike expensive Alexandrite, GENESIS XT 755 can realize the equal 755nm based on diode as medium which is much more cost-effective than Alexandrite laser.

Furthermore, professionally designed good-looking of GENESIS XT 755 will enable clinics to be shown as more professional and modern to patients that can lead more confidence in satisfaction of treatment to patients as well.

To learn more about GENESIS XT 755, please contact us at so that I can provide necessary information.