Filler & Mesotherapy


Rejeunesse with  idocaine is a sterile, transparent, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic gel of 100% cross-linked hyaluronic acid of
non-animal origin containing 0.3%  idocaine hydrochloride for treatment of wrinkles and folds. Lidocaine provides the patient's
pain reducing effect during treatment.


Non-animal hyaluronic acid & no residual crosslinker.

Rejeunesse is non-animal based, cross linked dermal filler using BDDE for linking agent.  

Rejeuness product is obtained through our unique BDDE removal process, making it safe
and non carcinogenic for humans. Rejeuness contains less than 1.2EU/ml of endotoxins
with no BDDE residue detected and it exceeds the highest level of HA purity.

Rejeunesse is completely free of all animal products thus reducing the risk of an
immunogenic  reaction.


Immediately visible results after application.
Once injected, HA is gradually broken and absorbed into th body, which is how strongly HA

is crosslinked is the crucial to the longevity of the dermal fillers. With unique cross-linking
technology, Rejeunesse has longevity over 12months.


More stable forms of HA, in paticular by 100% croos-linked HA molecoles.

Rejeunesse offers visible results immediately and stable volume effect with minimized
swelling  after application.


Rejeunesse has optimized the product to minimize the pain during and/or post injection for
the patients. Rejeunesse enables smoothest and stable injection during procedure by
maintaining consistent injection force.

Especially, Rejeunesse Lidocain series which combines 0.3%of   idocaine(Local anesthetic)
minimizes injection pain during the procedure. Thus, it allows patients to experience the most
comfortable,almost painless, procedure of dermal fillers.

Rejeunesse Type

 Rejeunesse FINE  with idocaine  ( 24mg/ml, 1.1ml )
 This is used in the correction of fine to medium size depression of the face via mid to
 superficial dermis injection.
 Rejeunesse DEEP with  idocaine  ( 24mg/ml, 1.1ml )
 This is used in the correction of medium to deep sized depression of the face via mid to
 deep dermis injection

 Rejeunesse SHAPE with  idocain  ( 24mg/ml, 1.1ml )
 This is used in the correction of deep sized depression of the face via deep dermis to
 suncutaneous injection